Learn the Traditional Ways of Chinese Tea Preparation

Experiencing the traditional ways of Chinese locals since 2737BC...


Step 1: Prepare Tea Set

To hold a Chinese tea ceremony, a full tea set is needed, including teapot, teacups, tea strainer, kettle, water, tea leaves, tray, tea leaf holder… Different tea sets should be prepared for different tea. For instance, white porcelain tea set is more often used for brewing and drinking green tea, and purple sand set is for red tea.


Step 2: Rinse Teapot and Teacups

Rinsing is to preheat tea sets as preheating can help fully release fragrance of tea.


Step 3: Heat Water

The spring water is the best and it should be boiled.


Step 4: Put Tea Leaves into Teapot

Use tea chopstick to move some tea leaves into the teapot. Usually, tea leaves should occupy 1/3 of the teapot.


Step 5: Wash Tea Leaves

Pour the hot water into teapot and stay for a few seconds, and then pour out water quickly from teapot to dump out the water of the first brew to remove dust or some impurities on the surface of tea leaves.


Step 6: Brew Tea

Refill the teapot with boiled water, cover it and stay for a few seconds to preserve aroma of the tea soup.


Step 7: Pour Tea Soup into Tea Cups

First, pour the tea soup into the large fair cup, shake it up and then pour the soup into smaller tea cups.


Step 8: Offer Tea Cups

Remember to serve the tea to guests with both hands to show respect.


Step 9: Smell and then Sip Tea

After getting the tea cup, one should sniff the aroma of tea soup, and then sip instead of swig to taste the flavor of the tea soup.


Important things to note:

It is widely held among tea experts that fresh spring water provides just the right pH level, minerals and other elements that make the best tea. Just as coffee-makers have discovered, good water makes good tea. Experiment on your own and see the results for yourself.