About MeTime

How the journey began

MeTime was founded by three good friends, who came from different parts of China and lived their lives 14 years in Singapore. Influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) culture, they have adopted "Yang Sheng" lifestyle at their own pace and in different arena. When Covid-19 manifested, they found themselves more isolated from the world yet still led quite stressful lives. Working from home doesn't give them good quality time with themselves or families, but more time spent on social media, more late night drinking, and more insomnia. How we make peace with ourselves has become an essential question, so this is how MeTime came about. It advocates self-care and a healthy lifestyle.

What we aim to create

MeTime provides self-care in a new "Yang Sheng" style by giving it a modern twist. Our product category spans over a wide range from herbal tea beverage to "Gua Sha" kit, providing you a one-stop destination for an immersive self-care experience. Beyond our product, we would love to foster a community where you can join like-minded friends to attend self-care events, such meditation, tea appreciation sessions.

What makes us unique

As our tea formulations are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each ingredient is intended to have positive effect on body functionality. They are entirely organic and sourced from certified organic plants in Hang Zhou with 600 years of history specialising in traditional herbal planting.