Chinese Flower Blossoming Tea Handbook

Behind-the-Scenes Into How the Tea is Made


The tea is made from a small handful of tea leaves which have been dried and then expertly wrapped around one or more, depending on the size of dried flower. The finished product is usually called a ‘bulb’ and is tightly bound and left to dry completely. There are not many drinks that you can say create a spectacle, but Chinese Flower Tea is one of them. Immersed in hot water, the bulb slowly starts to unfurl until it is transformed into a magnificent flower. This display resembles the process of a real flower slowly coming into bloom and adds to the anticipation of drinking this delicious tea. The flowers used in the centre of the bulb become the centrepiece of the flower, while the individual tea leaves create the illusion of the surrounding petals.



There are more than 30 varieties of the flower blossoming tea: Jasmine snow lotus, rich and sacred lotus, dan osmanthus fragrance, fairy scattered flower, blessing and longevity, heart of love, etc. All varieties are made of alpine silver needles and natural flowers. Various shapes are made by special craftsmanship. In brewing, you can smell the mellow aroma of natural tea and dehydrated flowers, but also have a pleasing artistic enjoyment.



The flowers are traditionally sourced from the Yunnan, a province of China found in the southwest of the country. The province itself is particularly mountainous and is home to the largest diversity of flora in the whole of China. This is why the flowers for this delicate tea tend to come from the area flower species such as jasmine, lily, hibiscus and chrysanthemum thrive in the region and all contribute to this flavourful tea.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of flower blossoming tea are numerous. The tea is full of antioxidant properties, can prevent stress, aid weight loss, boost vitality and even help decrease the risk of developing cancer.

In addition to being beneficial to the body and mind, some flower teas are rich in vitamins B, C, E and other antioxidant ingredients, or have the function of nourishing the skin and preventing acne. Regular drinking can make you radiant and refreshed; some flowers and plants Tea has the functions of diuresis, sweating, promoting metabolism, and eliminating body fat. It can be said to be a natural body remedy.