Cold Brew Tea Handbook

Health Benefits of Cold Brew Tea


Recently, among various social media software, various tea drinks have become popular. Among them, cold brew tea is a tea that was born in such a big environment. The refreshing cold brew tea is a summer tea drink. The market basically occupies half of the country.


  1. Sweet Taste

Cold brew tea is extracted by low temperature, so the amino acid molecules that stay sweet in the tea will fall off in the cold water, and the source of bitterness, tannin and caffeine, are not released without the absence of high temperature conditions. So one of the benefits of drinking cold brew tea is that the taste will be more sweet and refreshing without bitterness.


  1. Helps with Insomnia

Because of the manufacturing process of cold brew tea, the caffeine and polyphenolic compounds that can produce central nervous system excitement in cold brew tea are not released. You can drink cold brew tea without worrying about the time, even if you drink a small amount before going to bed. Cold brewing tea will not cause insomnia and neurasthenia. On the contrary, it can calm the mood and quickly go to sleep.




  1. May lead to a cold attack

After all, cold brew tea is a kind of cold tea. When you drink cold brew tea, you will feel refreshed, but some people are physically weaker, especially those who accumulate more cold. Drink cold brew tea for them, on the contrary, will increase the accumulation of cold in the body, and the symptoms of cold hands and feet will be more serious, and the symptoms of chills in the body will be more serious.


  1. Induce stomach problems

Although cold brewed tea tastes good, if you drink cold brewed tea excessively, it will irritate the gastric mucosa due to the large amount of cold substances in cold brewed tea. The gastrointestinal mucosa will be damaged for a long time, and it will be prone to gastric disease, gastroenteritis, and serious discomfort symptoms, such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.